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Big Business Solutions for a Small Business Budget...

Cloud offers BBS 4a SBB or ‘Big Business Solutions for a Small Business Budget’.

All businesses, irrespective of their size or affluence, can now leverage these powerful solutions to deliver competitive advantage and compete on an equal footing with the very largest players.

Around a decade ago most applications ran ‘on-premises’. In simple terms, on dedicated in-house hardware and subject to substantial licence fees, many thousand for each team application – email, SharePoint, Project etc. As such they were typically the preserve of large and affluent corporates. Even ‘desktop applications’, such as Word and Excel, required an outlay of hundreds per user, plus updates every three years or so.

Today, these same powerful and well-proven software solutions, are available to business of all sizes, even the sole proprietor, on a pay-per-user basis. Suites start from a little at £3 per month per user. As they are delivered online ‘from the Cloud’, there’s also no need for costly local ‘server farms’ or the even more costly, back-end support teams. However, there’s still the vital need for application and end-user support, but more on those important issue later - See Cloud: The Downsides.

As this blog highlights, while cloud suites deliver many benefits, see Cloud: The Upsides, their uptake and usage has many potential pitfalls. It shows how to deliver those benefits, whilst avoiding the pitfalls - or at the very least reducing their impact..!



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