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Microsoft Teams - a jack of all trades or master of none?

Microsoft Teams is not a 'single application', but a set of components ‘flying in close formation’. In ‘jigsaw’ terms the fit is close, but not yet seamless

integration is improving both Microsoft and third-party tools are slick and well suited to end-user needs. The central Microsoft tools - Chat, Flow. Forms, Meetings and Planner etc are not the ‘best in class’. For example, Nintex and K2 top the SharePoint workflow tree, but Flow is a fine bronze medal winner. Slack is 'king of the corporate chat realm', but Microsoft Chat is a fine Teams alternative that’s again, improving all the time.

Today’s business world workers need a tool set to operate – the better the fit to them and the their business, the better they and the firm perform. However, the SME is subject to a tight budget and needs a full set of applications that may not be the ‘very best’ but ‘do their job’ and in IT terms ‘talk to each other’.

The Swiss knife approach of a set of ‘handy tools’ where and wherever you need them parallels Teams. Of course, the knife’s can opener isn’t going to suit a chef, but a camper with a tin of beans to open, many miles from civilization, will be satisfied and best of all... fed!

With Teams what’s delivered, in a single high value package, is a comprehensive and easy-to-use suite that’s well up to the job, especially the SME and freelance. In this instance ‘Jack of all trades but Master of None’ is not an insult, but a pssitve recommendation..!



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